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About MilzOgraphy

MilzOgraphy came from Milz and O-graphy, Milz is my online nickname, while Ography was taken from the word Graphy – means a form of writing or drawing, or a field of study.

I always wanted to have a place for my Photography and other stuff that I’m really good at, MilzOgraphy is my home for everything artistic.

MilzOgraphy is more than just photography, it is more to a form of gratitude to GOD and HIS great creations.

MilzOgraphy sees beauty in everything.

Welcome to MilzOgraphy!

The Photographer

Photographer is such a big title for me, so, I am only an Artistic Director 🙂

Hi! I’m Milz, and these are my works of art. If you like my work, please tell me about it, it means much to me! Get in touch here.

p.s: Dear stalkers, I love chocolates and candies, don’t spend money on flowers, buy me an iPad instead. Thanks!
© 2013 MilzOgraphy. All rights reserved. Please contact me for using my photographs.
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