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How To Shoot Awe-Inspiring Photos of Kids – Kids Photography Tips

Before I give some specific tips on how to take photos of kids from my own experience, I think it’s worth saying that you want to get the kid that you are photographing as comfortable with you and the camera as possible.

Set the child at ease by spending time with them before taking their shots. Give out candies or toys and play with them for a while. The more relaxed they are the better. Also show kids their photos after you’ve taken them, they will love it.

Shutter Speed – Keep an eye on the shutter speed. Try to keep it at 1/200th of a second or faster if you can (if your kids are running around – to up to 1/500th or more). If it’s too dark you can increase your ISO a bit or use a lens with a wider Aperture.

Shoot in series:
Switch your camera into ‘burst’ or ‘continuous shooting’ mode and fire off more than one shot at a time. This technique can work very well, especially when the kid is very active, and you can pick one or two best photos from the series.

Candid – I like to shoot candid shots with kids as much as possible. Get them doing something that they enjoy or let their parents or siblings take their attention away from you with funny or silly things and just start clicking.


Have Fun – Do your best to make the shoot as much fun as possible. Use toys or something that will make the children enjoy their time while their picture is taken.
Show them some of the shots you took and praise them. Telling them how well they did will bring joy and help the child to relax. That is when you can capture some of their spirit. The more fun they have the more genuine and engaging the shots will be.

Lastly, kids are not supposed to be posing around like models, let them play and let the camera capture their innocence and genuine expression. But when they do pose for you to take their photos, it is all a bonus and means that they are comfortable with you and the camera.


Happy clicking!

Thank you for reading my journal 🙂

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