Dear Boost Customers,

We have been heartbroken by the unjust deaths of Rayshard Brooks, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and so many others that go unnamed. We stand in solidarity with those who are marginalized and persecuted because of their skin color.

Our best way forward to pay our most sincere respects to their families and the countless Black Americans who suffered from racial injustice, brutality and discrimination since 1619, is to ignite activity that drives change and channels our emotions to become truth in activity.

Boost Mobile is committed to being a part of the solution towards dismantling systemic racism. Racism, hatred and inequality have no place in our world and every person has the right to be seen, heard and to feel safe. We will be committed to doing more to recognize and celebrate the numerous ways people of color positively contribute to our communities. Boost Mobile is unwavering in our belief that Black Lives Matter—and we acknowledge our responsibility to contribute to change, justice and equality.

Most importantly, let’s talk action: We’ve reflected over the past several weeks and recognize that broad sweeping change won’t be tied to a single moment or act. It will be our ongoing journey, demonstrated through our actions and embedded within our values that will aid in driving change. One of our first actions, is to amplify the importance of voting. Later this year, Boost will be partnering locally to educate and enable customers at selected Boost Mobile locations to become destinations to register to vote! Second, we will continue our mission to cultivate diverse community events, continue our focus on hiring diverse talent of all backgrounds, stand-up a diversity and inclusion committee that reviews materials we put forth to customers, educate ourselves by listening first and support a corporate environment where open and honest dialogues are welcome.

The future holds much promise for a more perfect union and we at Boost pledge accountability for our part to drive changes that uplift the lives of our customers, the communities that we serve, and our families.

Simply put, we do not tolerate racism, we stand for inclusion, and we stand with our Black team members and customers.